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“Is Antibacterial Soap necessary?”

It seems like this day and age that “Antibacterial” is on everything we put on our bodies. Everything from soap, lotion to the classic germ killer.

I have always believed that a little dirt doesn’t hurt. I grew up playing in the woods and getting filthy. These days it seems we are fighting “germs” not dirt.

Influenza Germ

I agree it is a germy world out there but do we really need antibacterial in everything we  use?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), antibacterial soaps are not necessary, but washing your hands thoroughly with ordinary soap and warm water is one of the most effective ways to ward off infection.

The ingredients that kill the germs (usually triclosan or, less commonly, triclocarbon) need to stay on the surface for 2 minutes. Now realistically how many of us really sit there for a full 2 minutes and wash our hands?

I am guilty of not utilizing that amount of time, yet consider myself a good hand washer. I am a fan of bar soaps and hot water. I do not use antibacterial lotion on my skin. I feel that there are so many chemicals out there that I am exposed to, I can spare myself the extra dose.  I love handmade soaps! They smell amazing and I feel like I am putting a natural product on my skin.

I can name a good few hundred little school kids out there that don’t. I helped out at my kid’s school over the winter and saw first hand how quickly they “wash”. Granted they have Germ killer in their classrooms but they do not always use it. My kids wash their hands as soon as they get home. We try to keep the house germ free.

Another good point I read was that some scientists theorize that bacteria may develop a resistance to bacterial agents over time. Furthermore, some bacteria actually benefitus. The normal population of bacteria on our bodies not only eats our sweat, but also helps defend us against truly harmful, invasive bacteria.

I think many of us forget as we pour on the gobs germ killer, that many common diseases are viral in nature, and are therefore not prevented by antibacterial products.

So what did we learn?….. It is okay that not all your soap and lotion products contain “Antibacterial” in them.  Good ol’ bar soap hot water and a little patience will give you the same results. 🙂

 Let me know what your views are on this topic? To much antibacterial items? To few?  How do you feel it affects us being able to fight of germs?


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