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Must have books For moms and kids! :)

With times having changed so much over the years since I was young raising kids is a whole new adventure these days. I was outside all the time, ran around the neighbor hood and played constantly. T.V. was never on my mind and I didn’t know what a computer was until the 6th grade. Those were the good old days. Now kids are constantly hooked up to electronics, television and all kinds of non outside non healthy stimulating products. I vowed that I would not let my kids be “Plugged in”, and they would be outside as much as possible stimulating as much of the creativity in their young minds as they could handle.

I have just invested in the best books ever for myself and my kids. I have a tween boy 11yrs and a soon to be tween girl at 8yrs. I didn’t know this phrase “tween” as I was growing up I was either a kid or a teenager, so I was interested in what these books had to say. Now as a female I don’t speak “boy” and they are totally different animals to me. I was eager to find out how to be able to talk to my boy better and know how to raise him as a strong young man who treat all those around him and himself, especially women, with the up most respect and kindness. What is good for him? How does he learn? What does he need at this young age? Well Mom’s here is the next book you should pick up. “Six ways to Keep the “Good” in your Boy” I am loving this book. It confirmed many things and opened many doors of understanding for me. I am half way done and loving every page.

The second book I found was “How to Keep the “Little” in your Girl”. Growing up with a mom who worked really hard for us to make ends meet, bless her heart, my sister and I spent a lot of time learning on our own. I wanted to get this book so I could fill in the blanks of what I lacked growing up, and to understand more about her little beautiful brain and what she needs to be a strong independent loving kind young woman. I will start it as soon as I am done with the other. I am so happy to have stumbled upon these books! Whether mom and dad are still home or if you are a single mom like me, these books are must have!

It is my nephews birthday soon and he asked for some survival books, so naturally I went to Amazon and found these books I have been wanting to get for the longest time.

“The Dangerous Book for Boys” by Gonn Iggulden,

“Boys Book of Survival, How to Survive Anything, Anywhere” by Guy Campbell

“For Boys Only, The Biggest Baddest book ever” by Marc Aronson and HP Newquist.

I also got my daughter “The Dangerous Book for Girls”,  and “For Girls Only, Everything great about being a girl”, by Laura Dower

We opened them last night and all I have to say is WOW! I wish I had these books when I was little. The girls one is full of hand clap games, tag games, and so much more! The boy’s book has all the cool tips like how to catch a fish with bare hands, the best paper airplanes, and so much more. Everything from the periodic table to flags, to cool phrases in other languages. If you have a boy or a girl or just want a fun read for yourself I definitely recommend getting these books! They couldn’t put the books down last night! 🙂

I found all the books on Amazon for decent prices. I am very happy with all of them and feel it is a great way to keep them creatively thinking and grounded to the real world of nature and adventure.

Happy reading and have fun getting closer to your little one with these books.

~Ms Fredrickson~


Happy New Year!

It was a fantastic 2012 and I am looking forward to this year…2013!

I have to admit that it makes me feel slightly old 🙂 but then again kind of grown up. If I look back at how far I have come over the past year, I have learned a lot. I honestly never thought I would live to see 2013. It seemed so unreal back in the 90’s, I thought we would have flying cars, teleporting, and laser guns. We may have a few prototypes of these things but I have to admit I was looking forward to things being like the Jetsons.

I didn’t set a new years resolution, gasp, I know right? What was I thinking? I have a few thoughts on goal setting. Mine is usually not set out that far ahead. I like to set daily and weekly goals not yearly goals. And this is why…

There are always goals we jump for and panic to reach in a timely manner, succeeding at times and failing at others. What matters the most is what you have learned along the way and how you have grown as an individual. Did you reach your goals? If not what was the greatest moment along the way, and what would you do differently?

I used to set unreachable goals for myself that I would fail, but what is failure really… and is it that bad to not reach a goal if you have learned something magnificent in the process. Now I could set a goal for myself saying, ” I am going to paint the most realistic painting and have it hanging in a local gallery by the end of the year.” However, while reaching this goal, I start to realize that I have painted over 15 abstract scenes, flowers, and clouds but no realistic scenery. At this point should I be disappointed in myself, or should I rest satisfied in the fact that I am a decent abstract drawer/painter? Failure is only failure if you give up and stop trying to reach your goal. Even if you never get the that first designated goal, your journey has led you to a beautiful place of growth which in itself is priceless.

With each step we take towards a set goal, we learn a little bit more about ourself…what we’re made of…capable of…the strength within us… and a clearness of who we really are and how far we can travel on our own two feet.

In the end, each journey is our own to experience. Whether we have people in our lives who step in tune with us, or we are alone…we are ultimately walking the path solo with a singular purpose… finding the answers only our soul searches for.

So this year I will take a deep breath and enjoy the world around me. I will accept the positive and not be blind to the negative for in it there is growth on how to be a better person. I will love my children boyfriend and family with a humbled heart knowing our world will not last forever. Does this sound like a resolution? kinda but it is more like a declaration of independence I will create for myself. 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!

~Live love and be happy~


Have we forgotten?

Is it just me or do our kids these days need constant reminders about almost everything? I still have to tell my 9 yr old boy to use soap in the shower! Maybe that’s a boy thing, but you would think that after 9 years of showering that kid would have it down.

And why is it that when we give proper discipline, strong guidance along with personal responsibilities, people think we are being too hard on our kids?

If you ask me a lot of children these days do not have enough personal responsibilities and therefore don’t learn how to be proper little people and eventually adults. If we do everything for them and don’t teach them to take care of themselves, than what kind of a future are we giving them. I say this to myself all the time. I visualize their futures and realize that how they are raised today will form what kind of adults they will be.

I remember being on my own a lot at their age when it came to getting ready for school in the morning. We were given a lot more responsibilities and did it without complaining. If I didn’t get my stuff done than it was my fault.

I also remember being a lot more free back in the day. We would ride our bikes to and from school everyday and all over town. After school we played in the streams and went for adventures in the woods. We were always out and about all day and didn’t come home until dark, and we never worried about getting taken. Our freedoms were vast compared to their freedoms today. This is heartbreaking but a reality.

So my best advice is to give your kids what we had. If you don’t have woods by you, take them to some and let them get dirty and play. If they want to sit in a mud puddle and play in the dirt with a stick, let ’em at it. It will do them some good to get their hands and feet dirty, to feel nature and respect it. To feel like they are kings of the jungle for a day.

We have all ran through the woods like a deer, jumping over logs and ducking under branches. If you haven’t….What are you waiting for?! Your kids would be amazed at what your mad skills in the forest! Just watch their eyes light up as you run with them and play like a kid again. It will fill you with a joy you have always wanted. 🙂 Get out there and have an adventure! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

How things have changed since we were growing up!

When I was growing up we didn’t really have very much as far as luxuries went. We lived very simply. My mother raised my sister and I by herself and she always did her best to make sure we had what we needed. We all worked hard for what we had and I quickly gained a large appreciation for everything around me. New toys were a rarity as were fancy foods. There were times when we would just get by with the necessities. However, even in times like that we were thankful for what was provided.

I never cared about the clothes I wore or what food I would eat that day. I didn’t expected my mother to entertain me, and I never asked her to find something for me to do. I quickly learn to entertain myself, unless I wanted more hard labor to do which was most of the time worse than being bored. Playing in the woods, building forts, and exploring nature were my daily adventures that I was more than happy to conquer.

It seems like these days children complain if they are not given the foods that looks familiar to them, and usually throw fits if they don’t get those wants catered to. It seems like if they whine enough that they will be given the foods that they want even if it’s not exactly good for them.

I can concur with this situation because my daughter was once the same way. She would pitch a fit if she was given anything but rice and chicken for dinner. She didn’t eat soups, hamburgers, vegetables, or anything spicy or that had a different flavor to it. She would also say she didn’t like it before she even tried it.

Why didn’t I yell at her and make her sit there until it was gone? I guess back then I thought if I didn’t give her what she wanted to eat than I was not being a good parent. Why it took me so many years to put my foot down and say “Tough cookie, You are eating it” is beyond me. Well it all changed very drastically when I realized that “Hey my kid looks spoiled rotten when she complains about food.” God knows that if I would have acted like that when I was little I would have gone to bed hungry.

Things had to change. She was given what everyone else was given for dinner and not allowed to complain. As soon as she said “I don’t like it” she went to the corner to rethink her statement. After a few more visits to her corner, she stopped. Then came the instances where she would sit there until the food was cold, then said she would say she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Errrch! Red light, I don’t think so! So she sat there for 2 hours, got a talking to and went to bed.

It took one last stand off to change her mind about complaining. It was the dreaded “Vegetable Stir Fry from Hell” which rewired her “not liking new foods”. She refused to eat it that night. She was sticking to her guns. She eventually gave up, with the help of many lectures, and she realized she wasn’t winning anything but a hungry belly.

Now she eats everything she is given. There still are occasional lectures, which are absolutely necessary. However, she does have a new respect for food and enjoys having new items in front of her. Her question each night, which is asked while hopping up and down, is “What are we having for dinner tonight?”

It seems to me that if we don’t stop and take the time to look back at how we were raised, and what we weren’t allowed to get away with and apply it to our own parenting, then how will our kids grow up with even half the amount of respect that we had when we were children?

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