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Sunshine Award

I am very thrilled to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by  I am so thankful that she felt my blog was worthy of this award, and I am very honored to receive it. Seasonsgirl is always a joy to read, with her amazing pictures, great stories and wonderful attention to detail I am never bored with her blog. Please take the time to check out her site. 

In accepting this award, I need to complete the following:

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer the questions about myself.

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

The Questions:

Favourite Number: 7, I kjnow it sounds silly but it reminds me of God. 🙂

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coffeeeee! It is a necessary part of each of my mornings. It is called “My Brains”

Favourite animal: I would have to say the Koala. They are adorable, cute and fuzzy. I just want to hold them. 😀

Facebook or Twitter:  I have two facebooks and twitters. It is marketing for my art blogs and this blog 🙂 I was a nay sayer for years on twitter, but had to bite the bullet for marketing reasons. 

My Passion:   Art, Writing, and my kids. I have been writing since I was in highschool, and creating art as well. I feel outside myself if it goes to long in between creative bursts. 🙂

Favourite Day of the Week: Sunday! It is the only day that is a mandatory day off of work. I soak up my kids and my wonderful boyfriend on that day as much as I can. 

Favourite Flower: Lilacs for sure! Its my favorite time of year when they bloom.  

My 10 Nominees: Drum roll please…… 🙂

Thank you again Seasonsgirl for nominating me for this award. 🙂



It has been one of those days…weeks…months..

It seems like it has been so long since I have blogged that It is like coming back to an old friend. Over the winter I didnt have to work so I spent a good many days, almost all of them, writing and blogging and creating 4 wordpress blogs from scratch.

I want to thank all the great friends out there who have followed my blogs and made this journey a great one so far. I look forward to seeing how these babies grow! 🙂 If you are ever interested these are my other three blogs.

Midnight Travellers Art  and Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery  Two art blogs composed of the works of Kris and I.

The Writers Escape with Words  This is my personal vent/thought/writing blog. It is my place to free myself with words.

You have all been wonderful and helpful. I wouldnt have a blog without such great followers!

Have a Fantastic weekend!

Bathrooms with Color

Bathrooms with Color.

Spring Cleaning! Are you ready?

It is getting to be that time.. Spring!

Are you ready for that glorious event called “Spring Cleaning”? I wanted to get all of your wonderful brains working and see what we come up with as far as the best method to go about “Clearing out the Closets.” Do we start with the paper cluttered in corners, the crafts we started during the long winter, or those little dust bunnies that are hidden so slyly under the beds?

What music do you rock out to as you open those windows letting in that refreshing clean air?

What is that perfect snack you like to fix to bring in the new season?

I love eating fresh fruits! I also like mixing up a few different kinds of spreads to put on garlic baked baguette bread. My favorite spread consists of very thinly sliced onions, cubed avacados, a few tablespoons of cream cheese, micoplaned garlic, salt & pepper, extra virgin olive oil. I recommend adding the avacados last because you will need to get the cream cheese incorporated first and we dont want to make guacamole this time. 🙂

This is also very good on Napa Cabbage leaves. It is a delicious treat. All ingreadients are to taste. Play around with it and see what combination you like the best.

I look forward to reading your comments about spring cleaning! 🙂



Paper Mache Hand

Okay a while back I posted about Paper mache. I finished the hand a bit ago and forgot to post a picture of it! I havent completed the project yet but it will be done soon. I took a picture of it roughly assembled, it is missing the handle to the mask but you will get the idea 🙂

The method for making a paper mache hand using a latex glove stuffed with cotton worked great! The glove unstuffed easily and I was able to remove it without damaging the hand like before.

Here is the rough assembly of my 3-D Project


I will take a picture of this 3D creation when it is done 🙂

Happy Creating!

Will the snow ever end??

I don’t know about you but this snow is starting to drive us all crazy. The kids and I are all feeling spring fever and having a few new inches out there is so not helping our dreams of spring.

So lets all start thinking warm thoughts! I know some of you out there are not in the same situation surrounded by all this white stuff…..but I m sure you are still ready for spring. 🙂

…sigh until the sun decides to shine and melt this snow, I will drag out the boots, warm mittens, scarves and snow pants. Totally ready to put those things away.

I will take this snow in a positive way and say…Lets have a snowball fight on the way to the bus stop!

Hope you all see the beauty that your day holds!


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