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Must have books For moms and kids! :)

With times having changed so much over the years since I was young raising kids is a whole new adventure these days. I was outside all the time, ran around the neighbor hood and played constantly. T.V. was never on my mind and I didn’t know what a computer was until the 6th grade. Those were the good old days. Now kids are constantly hooked up to electronics, television and all kinds of non outside non healthy stimulating products. I vowed that I would not let my kids be “Plugged in”, and they would be outside as much as possible stimulating as much of the creativity in their young minds as they could handle.

I have just invested in the best books ever for myself and my kids. I have a tween boy 11yrs and a soon to be tween girl at 8yrs. I didn’t know this phrase “tween” as I was growing up I was either a kid or a teenager, so I was interested in what these books had to say. Now as a female I don’t speak “boy” and they are totally different animals to me. I was eager to find out how to be able to talk to my boy better and know how to raise him as a strong young man who treat all those around him and himself, especially women, with the up most respect and kindness. What is good for him? How does he learn? What does he need at this young age? Well Mom’s here is the next book you should pick up. “Six ways to Keep the “Good” in your Boy” I am loving this book. It confirmed many things and opened many doors of understanding for me. I am half way done and loving every page.

The second book I found was “How to Keep the “Little” in your Girl”. Growing up with a mom who worked really hard for us to make ends meet, bless her heart, my sister and I spent a lot of time learning on our own. I wanted to get this book so I could fill in the blanks of what I lacked growing up, and to understand more about her little beautiful brain and what she needs to be a strong independent loving kind young woman. I will start it as soon as I am done with the other. I am so happy to have stumbled upon these books! Whether mom and dad are still home or if you are a single mom like me, these books are must have!

It is my nephews birthday soon and he asked for some survival books, so naturally I went to Amazon and found these books I have been wanting to get for the longest time.

“The Dangerous Book for Boys” by Gonn Iggulden,

“Boys Book of Survival, How to Survive Anything, Anywhere” by Guy Campbell

“For Boys Only, The Biggest Baddest book ever” by Marc Aronson and HP Newquist.

I also got my daughter “The Dangerous Book for Girls”,  and “For Girls Only, Everything great about being a girl”, by Laura Dower

We opened them last night and all I have to say is WOW! I wish I had these books when I was little. The girls one is full of hand clap games, tag games, and so much more! The boy’s book has all the cool tips like how to catch a fish with bare hands, the best paper airplanes, and so much more. Everything from the periodic table to flags, to cool phrases in other languages. If you have a boy or a girl or just want a fun read for yourself I definitely recommend getting these books! They couldn’t put the books down last night! 🙂

I found all the books on Amazon for decent prices. I am very happy with all of them and feel it is a great way to keep them creatively thinking and grounded to the real world of nature and adventure.

Happy reading and have fun getting closer to your little one with these books.

~Ms Fredrickson~


A Tribute to my fellow Bloggers!

Good Morning Bloggers!! Well its Thursday…have to say I wish it was Saturday so I could have stayed in my warm bed with my man…but duty calls, at least there is coffee and two bright-eyed bushy tailed kiddos waiting for me. 😀

I wanted to share this comic from a fellow blog I follow Morning Story and Dilbert. I find her stories inspiring and touching, the comics are a favorite of mine to read each morning. 🙂 I love her blog is awesome and I definitely recommend checking it out.


All the blogs I have followed since I started Children’s Health Naturally are unique and one of a kind. I love following all of them and am thankful for all the support they give. You guys are the best!

I would like to share my list of followers so you can enjoy some of them as well. There are awesome stories, recipes, art, and so much more in these blogs! 🙂 (our art site)

~Happy Thursday~

Ms Fredrickson

Inspiring Blogger Awards @}—^—-

I would like to thank Seasonsgirl for nominating me for both of these lovely “Inspiring Blog “awards. I always enjoy reading Seasonsgirl’s blog and finding awesome new recipes and inspiring tid bits on cooking and life 🙂 Thank you so much for these award nominations!


The rules appear the same for both so I will do them as such…. 

1.  Thank the person who nominated you -(see above)

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers that you admire or inspire you

4.  Go leave a comment and let the people know you have nominated

My Seven things…

1. I find thunderstorms absolutely amazing, there is something about the power within them that kicks life into perspective.

2. My kids are my treasures. They add the perfect amount of laughter and Chaos to keep me on my toes.

3. I love to write…I wish I had a thesaurus in my head so I could put all the words to proper use that flow through my mind.

4. I enjoy painting with my boyfriend. Creating with him is awesome 🙂

5. I love the outdoors and feel the most at home there.

6. Food is good….I love eating, and cooking, and baking 🙂

7. Tank tops are my favorite article of clothing.

The nominations for the Inspiring Blog Award…

Thank you again Seasonsgirl for the nomination! I adore all of my followers and enjoy reading all of your blogs!

*BRAT* We all remember this diet!

When I was little and was getting over a stomach flu I remember my mom saying “Okay time to go on the BRAT Diet! Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast.” It was a sure-fire way to get that tummy back in tip-top shape and us kids back on our feet quick fast and in a hurry! This wasn’t just for our own sakes but for our moms as well. 😉

Let me tell ya that it worked! I am using that knowledge now with my kids. Sugar is a big no-no when it comes to recovering from any sickness. Due to the fact that it breaks down the immune system instead of healing it.

Sure you may get complaints after the third day or so, depending upon how sick they are, but they will thank you later when they are bouncing around off the walls feeling like their good ol’ little selves again.

Kids will always ask for the comfort foods like hot coco, popsicle, or cookies. Trust me this is not the route we want to go. We need to think of it more logically and give them Mint teas with a little honey, fresh banana smoothie, and cinnamon toast.  I loved cinnamon toast when I was little and still do to this day.

So follow your kids guts when it comes to recuperating after a sickness. Bland non sugary foods, as well and non greasy foods are the best. Stay away from things that are hard to digest or will give them gas. And absolutely NO fast food! There is more sugar crammed in fast foods than you could imagine.

I would love to hear your tips on what you do for your little ones when they are sick or getting over a sickness. Your comments tips and advice are always welcome!! And yes they are good tips, we all learn from experience and each other.

To a healthier way of living!


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