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Age 7…. Age 10… Growing up so fast!

I am on the brink of having an 8-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. Where has the time gone? How did they get so big? Am I really 30? Is it really 2012? Time really does fly by.

I remember the days when Kaden (my son) was running around the house in his diaper, playing with monster trucks and watching Toy Story over and over again. Occasionally he would put on my winter boots and trompe around calling them “Boops”. He was your classic little boy, squatting all the time pointing at all the awesome bugs that crawled the earth while not having a care in the world. He laughed harder than anyone, and cried all the same. The heart inside that kid only grew bigger as the years passed. He is now 10 and growing into a handsome little man, trust me I am doing everything I can to make sure he is not another punk running around with his pants around his knees. So far it is a success, Praise the Lord! I am proud of my little guy, he has a beautiful spirit and loves his mother and little sister very much. He is learning how to treat women correct from the start. It is up to me to raise a well-rounded educated smart gentleman. I am so proud of him.

I remember when Kayla (my daughter) would fall asleep in my arms while watching Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” at nap time everyday. She was a quiet beauty, full of deep thoughts emotion and adoring gazes. She was a watcher for most of her infant years. She played with her teddy bears, and loved looking at things in her hands. I wish I could have seen inside her mind, so much going on in there that she couldn’t describe. She was a very independent toddler and loved to play outside in the grass watching the clouds and picking flowers. A typical girl with a craving for art. She started drawing at a very early age and already knew how to read and write before she was in kindergarten. Her brain is beautiful and is trying to explode out of her head to this day. She is a gifted child for sure. I vow to raise my daughter to respect herself, her body, and her mind. I am doing everything to make sure she grows into a confident strong woman who doesn’t take bad treatment from anyone. She loves her mom and her big brother, I couldn’t be a prouder mother.

They have both taught me so much as the years have passed. We have laughed and cried together, always there for one another every step of the way. I will always be here for my children.  I don’t think of being a mom as a “Job”, I consider it a great Blessing to teach them, protect them, and love them unconditionally from the beginning until the end of our time. We are given beautiful gifts when we are given children.

Children do not ask to come into this world, they were brought into it completely innocent. It is the our responsibility, and honor, to give them all they need for a happy life.

~Happy Monday~

Ms Fredrickson


For all you Women out there!

I would like to share with you some very exciting information about Women’s Self Defense!

The following link is to our website that offers a course “Embracing Force: A Women’s Guide to Self Defense”

There is a free video that shows you how I defended against an attacker in a parking garage, and a break down of the principles.

Free Video link:

Free Video Women’s Self Defense

I have been training with Kristopher Anderson for about a year now and have learned so much about personal safety and being aware of my surroundings. It is amazing the things we over look on a daily basis that could potentially be dangerous. I have two kids and knowing that I am learning to keep us all out dangerous situations, and preparing in case we are ever in one, is an incredible feeling as a mother.

I am so thankful for this course and will continue training! There is no such thing to much preparation in life. Plus training from home is AWESOME! I love being able to train at my own convenience.

As a working mom my time is valuable and I don’t have time to go to the gym or to a dojo and train. Not to mention it is expensive.

We are on Facebook as well Inner Warrior Martial Arts:

Inner Warrior Martial Arts on Facebook!

This is where Kris will answer any questions you may have about training style and his course.

The link to Embracing Force:

Embracing Force: “A Women’s Guide to Personal Protection”

We look forward to your feedback! Please share with your friends. There is nothing more important than your Personal Safety!

Be Safe and Train hard!

Thank you!


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