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Lawn Furniture

Lawn Furniture.  This is an amazing post about creating lawn furniture out of the lawn itself! I would love to try this!


Sunshine Award

I am very thrilled to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by  I am so thankful that she felt my blog was worthy of this award, and I am very honored to receive it. Seasonsgirl is always a joy to read, with her amazing pictures, great stories and wonderful attention to detail I am never bored with her blog. Please take the time to check out her site. 

In accepting this award, I need to complete the following:

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer the questions about myself.

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

The Questions:

Favourite Number: 7, I kjnow it sounds silly but it reminds me of God. 🙂

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coffeeeee! It is a necessary part of each of my mornings. It is called “My Brains”

Favourite animal: I would have to say the Koala. They are adorable, cute and fuzzy. I just want to hold them. 😀

Facebook or Twitter:  I have two facebooks and twitters. It is marketing for my art blogs and this blog 🙂 I was a nay sayer for years on twitter, but had to bite the bullet for marketing reasons. 

My Passion:   Art, Writing, and my kids. I have been writing since I was in highschool, and creating art as well. I feel outside myself if it goes to long in between creative bursts. 🙂

Favourite Day of the Week: Sunday! It is the only day that is a mandatory day off of work. I soak up my kids and my wonderful boyfriend on that day as much as I can. 

Favourite Flower: Lilacs for sure! Its my favorite time of year when they bloom.  

My 10 Nominees: Drum roll please…… 🙂

Thank you again Seasonsgirl for nominating me for this award. 🙂


My favorite Market places!

Lets just say… “I love Local Markets!!”

We have a little market shop downtown Coeur d Alene called “Pilgrim’s Market” that has a little bit of everything “Natural”. It has to be on of my favorite places to shop for all my homeopathic remedies and organic cravings. Their website is still under a little construction but if you are in the area or want to check it out I highly recommend it! 

It has my favorite Homemade Soaps, Raw Cocao Nibs for homemade chocolate, tasty fresh snacks, and a wide selection of hand crafted beers and wines. The produce is incredible and the selection is amazing. Here you will find all the supplements one could desire for all homeopathic needs.

Whenever my boyfriend and I get the time, we like to roam around Pilgrim’s and see what new things they have to offer. They have expanded over the past few years and are now a booming Market full of bulk foods, health and beauty products, groceries, even meat and sea foods!

If you are in need of natural ingredients, healthy treats, luxurious soaps, and live near Coeur d Alene then I encourage you to stop by Pilgrim’s and see all they have to offer!

Another awesome experience in our area is the Farmers Market.

It is a fantastic place set up for locals to come and share their produce, creations, talents, and so much more! There is something interesting at each booth. Me and the kids love touring around the Market and getting goodies. There is so much diversity in the crafts that you will definitely find something you like. Check out the website to see what music will be playing! They are there rain or shine. I look forward to checking it out this summer.

It’s your turn! What are the cool things your community offers that you enjoy over the relaxing summer days? I would love to see what you all do in your neck of the woods. Each town has its own culture, and its own creative experiences to offer. I learning about whats out there, and maybe add it to a road trip itinerary. 

So please share! I look forward to hearing from you and about your hometown. 🙂

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