*BRAT* We all remember this diet!

When I was little and was getting over a stomach flu I remember my mom saying “Okay time to go on the BRAT Diet! Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast.” It was a sure-fire way to get that tummy back in tip-top shape and us kids back on our feet quick fast and in a hurry! This wasn’t just for our own sakes but for our moms as well. 😉

Let me tell ya that it worked! I am using that knowledge now with my kids. Sugar is a big no-no when it comes to recovering from any sickness. Due to the fact that it breaks down the immune system instead of healing it.

Sure you may get complaints after the third day or so, depending upon how sick they are, but they will thank you later when they are bouncing around off the walls feeling like their good ol’ little selves again.

Kids will always ask for the comfort foods like hot coco, popsicle, or cookies. Trust me this is not the route we want to go. We need to think of it more logically and give them Mint teas with a little honey, fresh banana smoothie, and cinnamon toast.  I loved cinnamon toast when I was little and still do to this day.

So follow your kids guts when it comes to recuperating after a sickness. Bland non sugary foods, as well and non greasy foods are the best. Stay away from things that are hard to digest or will give them gas. And absolutely NO fast food! There is more sugar crammed in fast foods than you could imagine.

I would love to hear your tips on what you do for your little ones when they are sick or getting over a sickness. Your comments tips and advice are always welcome!! And yes they are good tips, we all learn from experience and each other.

To a healthier way of living!



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