I tried these and they are fantastic! My kids ate them up! Absolutely delicious

Leo's Burger

This last week has been a tough one in my household, which is also an explanation for the lack of posts. It was the first time where both Marty and I have been under the weather at the same time with Leo around.  I was battling a nice case of bronchitis with a side order of strep throat and Marty was suffering from kidney stone pain. With myself hardly being able to get out of bed, and Marty in sporadic pain that kept him on the floor in the fetal position, poor Leo was dealing with some hard done by parents. Please remind me why we move back to Montreal again?

I think it was on day 3  of being housebound when I decided we both needed a good meal to perk us up a bit. I knew I was in no shape to play around in the kitchen and…

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  1. I hope you are both on the mend… feel better soon 🙂


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