What did I just say?

Okay we have all heard the classic phrases when we were little from our parents that we said we would try not to say to our kids. But lo and behold I find those same phrases coming out of my mouth.  

Such as, “If you want a reason to cry I will give you something to cry about.” And “If you don’t stop whining I will pull this car over.” Also “If you make that face long enough it will freeze that way.”

There are other phrases that my sister and I have found ourselves saying to our kids that we never thought we would say. For instance:

“Stop driving your corn dog and just eat it!”

“Don’t kick the frozen chicken!”

“Stop shaking it and just eat it, its not a toy it’s food!”

“Your butt goes on the potty not your head!”

“Don’t put your fork on your cheek.”

“I m not wrapping that bag around your hand.”

“Don’t stand on the potty and pee, Sit down!”

I know there are many more things that have flown out of our mouths that we are surprised we say. I wish I would have written more down because I know there were some good ones that slipped by. We parents have seen and said the strangest things while raising our kids! 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Emily B on January 14, 2012 at 12:37 am

    I love “stop driving your giraffe on the table and eat your food” and the one I never thought I’d say is “because I said so, thats why!”


    • I still think its funny when you catch them doing something wrong and you werent even in the same room kids: “How did you know?!” me: “Because I can see everything..even when I m not around :)”


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