Have we forgotten?

Is it just me or do our kids these days need constant reminders about almost everything? I still have to tell my 9 yr old boy to use soap in the shower! Maybe that’s a boy thing, but you would think that after 9 years of showering that kid would have it down.

And why is it that when we give proper discipline, strong guidance along with personal responsibilities, people think we are being too hard on our kids?

If you ask me a lot of children these days do not have enough personal responsibilities and therefore don’t learn how to be proper little people and eventually adults. If we do everything for them and don’t teach them to take care of themselves, than what kind of a future are we giving them. I say this to myself all the time. I visualize their futures and realize that how they are raised today will form what kind of adults they will be.

I remember being on my own a lot at their age when it came to getting ready for school in the morning. We were given a lot more responsibilities and did it without complaining. If I didn’t get my stuff done than it was my fault.

I also remember being a lot more free back in the day. We would ride our bikes to and from school everyday and all over town. After school we played in the streams and went for adventures in the woods. We were always out and about all day and didn’t come home until dark, and we never worried about getting taken. Our freedoms were vast compared to their freedoms today. This is heartbreaking but a reality.

So my best advice is to give your kids what we had. If you don’t have woods by you, take them to some and let them get dirty and play. If they want to sit in a mud puddle and play in the dirt with a stick, let ’em at it. It will do them some good to get their hands and feet dirty, to feel nature and respect it. To feel like they are kings of the jungle for a day.

We have all ran through the woods like a deer, jumping over logs and ducking under branches. If you haven’t….What are you waiting for?! Your kids would be amazed at what your mad skills in the forest! Just watch their eyes light up as you run with them and play like a kid again. It will fill you with a joy you have always wanted. 🙂 Get out there and have an adventure! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


What do you think?

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