Upset stomach Remedy!

English: Part of a mint

Having a little pip at home with and upset stomach is not so fun. I think it’s scary for some of us because we can’t see what’s going on inside of there.

I have found that backing off all sweets completely, even for the days following, helps considerably. Also eating plain foods such as rice, toast, bananas, and apples, things that are not hard to digest. This gives the stomach a break and doesn’t make it work to hard.

I stay away from juices completely. Orange juice will be too acidic and other juices, like apple and grape, have alot of sugars in them. There is enough sugar in a can of soda or jug of flavored milk to turn off the immune system for one hour. Think about how many germs they touch in that amount of time. Scary isn’t it? If you have ever helped out at a school and watched a kid sneeze into their hands than touch the same crayon your son or daughter uses…all I have to say is Yikes! Thats enough to make me want to boil my own hands!

Another item that we may not think of to say away from is Milk. I believe that dairy does not help an upset stomach. At least for my children it always makes it worse. Water is the number one hydration choice! 

If your little one will drink tea, adding a few slices of fresh ginger to hot water is a fantastic stomach aid. Another Herb that we are all familiar with is Mint. I grew up drinking mint teas. My mom has always grown mint plants, so we would eat fresh leaves when our stomach hurt. We would also dry the leaves and make teas out of them. It always made us feel better! 

We all want our kids to fell like their little spit fire selves as soon as possible!


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  1. I always drink mint tea for my upset stomachs. It definitely helps it feel better!


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